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Can you help?

There may be thousands of people out there with the skills and experience to join this most worthy cause but there are many more thousands who aren't cut out for the lifestyle and pressures of conservation work in remote, uncomfortable and often dangerous places.

We see them all the time, most often on social media, as they seldom make it to the forward edge of conservation.

Those who are more obsessed with posting pictures of themselves, in warrior rig, sunglasses, posing with weapons, body armour and a large knife or two. All pumped up, they are the mercenaries, ready to declare war on poaching, to show the rangers how it's done and to create havoc.

But hard stares won't stop a buffalo charge, nor a malaria laden mosquito bite. Thousand meter sniping skills will not bother typhus infected ticks nor waterborne  parasites looking for a way into your system to show you the true meaning of havoc.

It's true to say that there are people giving a bad name to outsiders (like ourselves) trying to quietly get on with real front line work of conservation.






Here's what we are looking for....

People (all ages and genders) with hardy personalities, large doses of humility, honesty, integrity and total loyalty to the cause and the people and organisations they represent and serve.

Typical skill-sets that are most needed include a mix of military and law enforcement, medical & veterinary, management and project management - each with the ability to deliver under pressure and with limited resources, in situations that initially may seem hopeless and despairing.

Good communication is important, written and verbal or at least the confidence and commitment to develop these skills as you go.

The ability to get on with people, to create a good first impression and not to immediately clash with someone because you don't agree with their lifestyle or point of view.

Lastly: spiders, lizards, biting bugs, baboons wrecking your tent and stealing your food and invading ants are part of the package. You don't have to like them but you need to accept and tolerate them. No outward screaming allowed!

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