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Female Empowement

We are becoming increasingly convinced there is a far greater role to play for the women of Africa in all areas of life but particularly in conservation.


There is a common thread across the African continent that links individual countries and
regions together; it is the susceptibility to corruption and a reluctance to invest in the future
that significantly dominates people’s lives, affects economies and of course has a huge impact

on conservation and the environment.

Corruption is part of the makeup of Africa. It is often tolerated and difficult to report or police, because
corruption can infect every layer of society to a point where it’s almost an accepted
way of life. There’s seems little that can be done to circumvent, and even less, prevent it.
But across the continent we've become aware of a change in attitudes that brings with it a glimmer of hope.

The change we're seeing is a move to seek out and empower women; to allow them the opportunity to step forward,

to unleash their universal strengths and take a share in the lead responsibilities that shape a country. Our immediate interest is conservation and women are already playing significant parts and proving to be as effective as their male counterparts. Thier protective and forward looking instincts coupled with resilience, integrity and determination make them ideal for the role of policing and protecting the environment.

We have now completed two female empowerment and ranger training courses in Kenya,

followed by the selection and training of an equal mix of male and female scouts in Zambia. We are as

convinced as can be that women can and must play a far greater role.


Big5Protection are as determined as ever to cultivate and spread the empowerment concept to

not only law enforcement officers, but beyond, to help fill other vital roles in African communities.

We are now exploring the possibility of setting up All Female Empowerment Academies, to allow women the chance to discover their own strengths and dare to have ambition.

We are identifying organisations and donors to work with us to kick-start this project....



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