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Law Enforcement


Big5Protection have the experience, knowledge and capacity to deliver training to respond to any and all organisational law-enforcement requirements.


From formulating Community based Intelligence Collection Plans, general police-skills and crime scene management, evidence preparation and Major Investigations and Counter-corruption – we can advise, train or lead, based on each individual organisation’s needs.


We pride ourselves with the experience and ability to find a bespoke solution to your law enforcement needs, from local poaching to international distribution of IWI.


Our Law Enforcement experts have many years of experience in international law enforcement, at the highest level, with proven track records of effective community engagement and law enforcement and associated training, in some of the most hostile environments in the world.


We also have access to international field leading experts that we can readily call on to assist on any training or operational requirement.

We are able to offer an initial Security, Intelligence and Field Operations Review – SIFO- whereby our highly experienced staff will review and assess current working practices. As a result of this, a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and corresponding Training package will be compiled to introduce alternative or potentially more effective Standard Operating Procedures, as well as enhancing existing practices already in place.

Throughout game parks and reserves in Africa and South East Asia, the greatest successes in the battle against wildlife crime are often driven by the effective use of Intelligence Collection Plans and subsequent rapid and proportionate response. 


Information/intelligence can be gained from various sources, including staff working within the parks, partner agencies such as local Law Enforcement and from the surrounding communities and beyond. The effective use of this intelligence is often influenced by parks’ limited resources, however by working in partnership with local communities,  Law Enforcement and courts, an effective response can be mounted to successfully combat wildlife crime globally. 

It is only by adopting an ‘end-to-end’ approach to tackling wildlife crime, that we can ensure that the criminals involved in these heinous practices, are brought to justice and receive the appropriate sentences. This approach includes close management of each case, from source information, observations and intel development, immediate crime scene management and arrest – maintaining integrity of evidence and prisoner management, to presenting evidence at court to support a successful prosecution. 


This process often involves the inclusion of multiple agencies, that will require support and training, ensuring each different facet of the prosecution process are well-practiced and familiar with each other and link seamlessly to ensure a successful outcome.

Managed information leads to intelligence, which in turn leads to evidence. It is imperative that Park Managers consider this and encourage all park employees to treat every interaction with a local, visitor or partner agency as a potential opportunity to obtain or recruit a source of information, to be developed with a view to countering wildlife crime.

The following is an example of our overt and more general services.


NB – Please see ‘Intell Training’ page for a list of Covert Intell and associated skills training.


OVERT Courses

Overt Policing/law enforcement strategies, tactics and procedures are without a doubt, the backbone of any investigation. Obtaining and utilising these skills in the correct manner, can often be the difference between a successful arrest operation, investigation and prosecution, or failure. Below is a sample of training courses that we can provide that are relevant and transferable in the fight to combat the Illegal Wildlife Trade, at both a strategic tactical and local level:

Crime scene management / forensic collection / golden hour principles

Statement taking

Victim, witness and offender interviewing

Intelligence collection plans and management of intelligence

Operational planning

Overt investigation – Practical advice and training for in-country investigators and managers with oversight of numerous cases including major/complex investigation strategies

Bespoke officer safety and self-defence packages

Use of force protocols (working to local laws)

Evidence collection and prosecution file presentation

Overt firearms training

Public order training

Dog training (UK Home Office accredited Police dog and handler trainers)

Chemical Radiological Biological Nuclear (CBRN) incident response and management

Financial investigation

Counter-terrorism awareness and the link to IWT

Forensic computer and mobile device evidence downloading

Prison visits and intelligence collection



Engaging and working with communities remains the key to effectively obtaining real-time information and is arguably the most powerful tool in combating any crime, especially IWT. Working with the community and fostering close relationships with key personalities and organisations always proves beneficial. Big5Protection support an inclusive, honest and mutually respectful relationship with all local communities and are proud of our proven track record of achieving this, both in the UK and on operations worldwide.

We can assist in the following;  


Community outreach programs including education and alternatives to poaching etc.

Mediation and liaison with hostile and non-hostile communities

Training, cohesion and engagement with local law enforcement/military and those engaged in the justice system/courts – prosecutors, judges and magistrates etc.


We can also liaise with international law enforcement partners and government departments, raising awareness and ensuring issues are highlighted and receive an appropriate response.


The strength of Big5protection is our staff. Each member of the team is vastly experienced with highly credible operational backgrounds. As well as our portfolio of training capabilities, we can and will advise/consult or conduct operations on behalf of ethical organisations. Some of the areas we can assist in:

Overt IWT investigations and Operations

Surveillance and technical deployment

Crisis management including kidnap and ransom

Close protection

Security reviews/site surveys/threat assessments

Peer/operational review of current practices for organisations

Supply chain investigation – for businesses involved in import/export where IWT may be a risk 

Operational planning

Crisis management including kidnap and ransom threat

Community engagement/liaison


Further information is available on request


COVERT courses

Covert tactics and skills are without doubt one of the most effective tools in combating Illegal Wildlife Trade locally and globally. But there can be high risk if operatives and managers are not properly trained, skilled and equipped to carry out such tasks.


Please see our ‘Intelligence Training’ Page for further details of services that we can provide.

Further information is available on request…..

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