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Other Training

We are by no means limited to the listed areas of expertise. We can assist organisations or individuals in a host of other subjects related to the fight against wildlife crime. These are some of the areas we are specifically developing for future clients:

Maritime operations – Coxswain and Boarding training plus utilising small boats or canoes for coastal, riverine or delta operations.

Driver Training - on or off road driving techniques

Motorcycle Operations – Off-road tactical patrolling or road bike escort and protection duties.

Drone operating and Tactics – Small to medium size drones, a much-debated subject but new developments coming….

Canine Operations – We are developing concepts with leading experts in this field.

Kit, equipment and technical trials and development – If you have an idea or need something trialling, we can help. We are constantly scoping the market, as well as emerging technology, for concepts to bring to the front line.

Contact us to chat through your ideas or requirements….. anti poaching

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