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2022 so far....

Once again, 2022 has been busy. Simon finished the Marine ranger training in late January and had a welcome break for a month to mid February, before heading back out to Mozambique to deliver much needed leadership training with partner Fenella. We had April back in the UK and then it was back to Zambia to run both Level 3 (Basic) and Level 4 (Intermediate) Tracking courses and, at the same time, further develop 4 of the previously identified Level 5 (instructor) trackers. These potential instructors assisted and then ran, under supervision, the three courses with Simon.

Meanwhile Paul deployed to Rwanda to run Basic Field Ranger courses for established rangers in much need of training and upgrading. The training was well received and we hope we can maintain a long-term training relationship with the park.

Whilst returning to the UK for another well-earned break in late June, Simon met with Paul in Lusaka for a few days, before Paul headed to another park in Zambia to run more tracking courses, again using and further developing two of the tracking instructors. Our legacy work ensures the parks have the best possible home-grown trainers for continuity training and to be assistants on further tracking courses.

For the remainder of 2022, well, to mid-November, we're heading to the Far East; back to the jungle to train a new breed of Law Enforcement Rangers. These will be the first rangers in the country dedicated to protecting: the iconic species from poaching and the disappearing natural landscape due to illegal logging and agricultural encroachment.


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