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2023 - Now we're done...

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Throughout August Paul and Simon ran two very successful Level 3 (Basic) tracking courses for a National Park on the edge of lake Tanganyika in Zambia. Before we'd finished the second course, one of the teams from the first course used their new skills to track down poachers after coming across their tracks close to the border of the park. They followed for 7 hours, finally arresting them where they'd settled to make a camp. A rifle, snares and dogs were recovered.

Whilst Simon headed home Paul returned to Rwanda to continue the good work there delivering further refresher training. Paul has now been accepted by African Parks as a Chief Instructor for their many Anglophone parks and will add significant value as one of the most experienced instructors in the game.

Simon was headed to Tanzania at the end of November to start what will hopefully be a series of training courses starting with Level 3 tracking for 10 rangers. This was, however delayed until January due to an outbreak of covid...

A new development for Big5 will be a tracking course for a UK police crime unit. At this point a proposal has been accepted and training land sourced. Update soon...

September to December Update...

Chris was back out in Sabah, Borneo this time to deliver a 3-phase undercover informant handling course and including instructor development packages. This was all to Foundation level and drew in students from several different law enforcement organisations. It's hoped that these individual units will recognise the need to continue and expand on these capabilities to grow their intelligence departments.


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