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2023 is going well...

Since January Paul's focus has been in two Rwandan parks. Training has included selection and training of new rangers as well as bringing the old and bold up to speed and identifying and developing leaders.

Introducing skills such as observation posts (OP's) and refining patrolling tactics soon brought results and arrests were made with correct suspect handling techniques used. Weapon handling and live firing skills were particularly neglected in the parks but the rangers were soon brought up to speed.

Chris joined him in July to add his specialist intelligence training, where he was soon out in the communities getting stuck in and forming useful connections.

Meanwhile Simon visited a conservancy in Kenya which is being reestablished as the iconic park it once was. A security survey was conducted and recommendations made. This is an amazing project that we will be involved with as the infrastructure goes in and animals are reintroduced.

Zambia is once again calling and Paul and Simon will be teaming up to deliver two Level 3 tracking courses throughout August in a park bordering Lake Tanganyika.

Tanzania is now also on the cards so we'll be headed out to the Serengeti in November/December to begin the long process of up-skilling rangers in a well developed park with vast areas to police and where some of the ranger skills and tactics we've developed will be introduced...

Watch this space!!


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