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Malawi 2019/2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

What we have achieved during 2019-2020 in Malawi

07 March - 07 Apr 2019

British Army Counter-Poaching Operators Course Liwonde, Malawi.

Simon & Tom worked together to ensure the Coldstream Guards were trained up for their counter-poaching role. Patrolling, Bushcraft, Tracking and Navigation were taught over the month of training.

27 May - 16 Jun 2019

Intermediate Tracking course, Majete, Malawi. (African Parks)

Simon & Paul ran a very successful course, over the 3-week period, with students who had previously attended a Foundation course with Tom.

20 Jun - 10 Jul 2019

Simon delivered the Tracking & guest instructor, Owen, the Navigation courses. The practical training meshed together well as the trackers followed the navigators around the mountainous park. Owen also ran the self defense training, which was enjoyed by all. Lynn’s Scouts reached very high standards and we hoped to return before too long.

04 Aug - 15 Sep 2019

British Army Counter Poaching Operators Course, Liwonde, Malawi.

This time it was the Gurkhas being trained by Simon & Paul, with Tom popping in to deliver his ‘now famed’ Bushcraft course. The Gurkhas proved to be robust and well motivated and took to the training well, being clearly suited to the terrain and role, due to their jungle expertise.

Paul & Simon were then due to roll into Majete, to run the first donor funded, Long Range Patrol Group (LRPG) course, but this had to be delayed for a number of reasons. It was re-scheduled for the following year.

5 Jan - 25 Jan 2020

Advanced Tracking and Basic medical courses were delivered in Majete National park in Malawi to a joint group of Scouts and Rangers from Thuma Forest Reserve and Majete.

This mixed training was a first for the two parks and we hope long term working friendships will have been formed amongst both the students and management. Paul & Simon delivered the Advanced Tracking course and guest instructor John (trainer for the Metropolitan Police) ran three basic medical courses for both Thuma and Majete students.

The LRPG course was due to be delivered in April, but as the time grew closer, the chances of it having to be cancelled again due to Covid, became increasingly likely.

Once the lockdown came into force, it was clear that there would be no movement outside of the UK for some considerable time and everyone got on with completing all the jobs that needed doing in the garden and around the house, hording toilet roll and discovering places to go on holiday in their local neighborhood. Simon used the time to write and publish the new Tracking Training Manual, which is now complete and in use. At the same time, new contacts for work were trickling in.

Paul & Thomas found work in North Africa plying their specialist law enforcement skills in training roles but are still committed to focusing on the Counter-Poaching training and consultancy between rotations,


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