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Malawi 2021 - Long Range Patrol Course

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

April 2021

Simon and Paul ran this course over 30 days in Malawi’s Majete National Park and qualified 13 hand picked Rangers as the first Long Range Patrol Group (LRPG) for African Parks. The training consisted in navigation (proper map and compass navigation), tracking and advanced reconnaissance techniques.

The rangers were issued with new packs and webbing designed by ourselves, and introduced to new lightweight rations and cooking methods. Lightweight shelters and sleeping bags along with practiced methods of resupplying in the field allowed the deployed teams to travel far, very quickly and remain on the ground for longer.

This is a new concept in ranger operations which has revolutionised the way rangers operate and has proved that the right individuals with the correct kit and training, can achieve far more and be more effective at the forward edge of poaching.

This raising of a new unit of specialised rangers was made possible by a small group of donors who believed in the concept and who can be considered the originators of this effective new concept.

The challenge now is to repeat this and create more LRPG units in other parks across Africa and perhaps worldwide


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