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Selection & Training

Ranger and Military Selection and Continuation Training – All of B5P trainers have vast experience running selection processes for Rangers, Military and Law Enforcement organisations. We are acutely aware of the differing needs and restraints; cultural, operational or otherwise, of different units and agencies worldwide and will assess and tailor courses accordingly.

Good selection and training is the foundation of any successful operational unit, but there remains the need to continually update that training and to add to it. Once B5P are involved, it will be our desire and request to conduct periodical follow-on training and assessments to ensure standards are maintained and improved. It is common to encounter organisations who have had training from different trainers, from different nationalities and backgrounds and with varying standards and procedures. This approach can be detrimental and only serves to confuse the operators on the front line.

Our approach to ranger and scout selection and training is to break the training down into blocks of core subjects and focus on these subjects until a basic competency is achieved before moving onto the next block. This avoids teaching multiple subjects in a single day, which can confuse some individuals and so slow down the overall class learning experience. As an example, the first block subject may be law enforcement; a complex area of many separate subjects including, law and human rights, conservation legislation, arresting and prisoner handling procedures and witness statements. Towards the end of the law enforcement block, methods of patrolling and basic weapon handling are introduced after which, the challenge and arrest procedures can be practiced in realistic patrol scenarios along with further practice of statement writing. Once a good level of understanding and competency is reached, we advance to the next subject blocks which might be medics and tracking courses, usually a split course so as to maintain smaller groups. Further weapon handling and live firing ranges can be included in this block. 

We believe every student should finish with a level 3 tracking qualification as this is such an important skill. 

In addition, our aim is always to identify those who have the potential to become the leaders and trainers of the future. We highlight these individuals to the park or unit managers who can then begin the process of singling them out for the appropriate development training. Detailed student and course reports are delivered on completion of the training, along with recommendations for future courses and assessments. 

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